Monday, August 30, 2010

Mysore Mallige - Prithvi And Chetna


Hi girls, I'm back again!
been a few days since my last entry and I have not had time to relax: (At this time I had time to do a thousand things, so starting from the beginning:

I want to thank the people of Añover for having us and treating us so well, for those parties and those crazy nights without sleep, not to forget the music, the stage, having such good people ... for hosting us and make us feel special was proud to be part of something so important to the people of that place was a good experience and I hope to repeat next year ^ ^

After those days of work we made another short trip and I could dwell on Mac (an important and essential trip lol) and came back with a few things ... in the next post I will show, I loved everything: D, but this time I present one of my quads essential, is brown shades and although certainly not all my essentials, are that I'm using a lot these days.
In the Saturnalia (EL), the Woodwinked, the Patina and Cork. As always, the colors are not very reliable in the photos, but I'm sure many already know at least some of these shadows. Another brown that I love, especially to delineate and provide depth is the Mystery, I bought thanks to the recommendations of Forero and was a hit! I have yet to depot, but soon I will site:)

Finally I would like to show you some pictures of the wedding where I was this weekend, was simply great. The weddings of friends are often the better, but the B side always ends up in photos will never see the light, unique moments, a few drinks too many and some strange story that everyone remembers unless you, but "something sounds like." Today there may be, I left the camera at home: (I hate those people who carry bag such acts, for that I have my boy is a love and care to keep me as a lipstick, a mirror and various things and put the camera on some of their pockets it was too, but I think we made about 100 photos at least, I'll eliminate the evidence of those embarrassing moments (I'm a fucking clown) and hang some decent at least for you to see the look you had and whether you consider it a good choice for a wedding:)

Well girls, this week I promise to devote more time to blog this weekend will be relaxing and next month will be something more "free" preparing for an October night rock, something big is coming: D

Have a nice Monday!
Greetings, kisses and loves dogs ...


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